Muriel Fox

“When we started NOW, we knew the world needed a civil rights organization, some of us called it an NAACP for women, to work for women’s rights. And that’s one reason it exploded so powerfully—because it was long overdue, in some ways it was centuries overdue.”

Muriel Fox is a co-founder of the National Organization For Women (NOW), formed in 1966. She headed Public Relations for NOW, and was the Operations Lieutenant to President Betty Friedan, as well as serving on the NOW National Board from 1966 to 1975. Fox wrote and distributed NOW’s first press releases, and participated in the NOW campaign that convinced Lyndon Johnson to add women to Executive Order 11246 in Oct 1967.  That Order established non-discriminatory practices in hiring and employment, which created jobs for millions of women through affirmative action. She was also involved in the NOW campaign to de-segregate Help Wanted ads, and testified to Congress for equalizing pensions in 1970. Fox founded and edited the first NOW National newsletter "Do it NOW,” and has been the Chair of the Board of Veteran Feminists of America since 1993.