Marlene Sanders

“I may have looked very proper and buttoned up as a reporter, but I was very sympathetic to what was going on. Now it isn’t my taste to do some of the demonstrations and things some of them did. But I was always sort of gleeful about it underneath and I thought, you know, ‘Go for it!’”

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Marlene Sanders is a three-time Emmy Award-winning correspondent, producer, writer and former news executive. She had a long career at ABC and CBS News and broke barriers for women throughout her career: as the first woman to anchor at night, the first woman from TV to report from the Vietnam War, and the first woman at any network to become a news vice president. She produced a number of documentaries in the 1970's about the women's movement, as well as documentaries on a variety of other subjects. She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and went to Ohio State University.  She married Jerome Toobin in 1958 and has a son, journalist Jeffrey Toobin.  Since the end of her long TV career, she has been an adjunct professor of journalism at NYU, where she teaches Advanced TV Reporting.